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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2011 7:00am-7:30am PDT

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divisions that offer up their employees to help us out since overwhelming response, it's unbelievable at how city government works. this is the time that san francisco city employees have really outshined san francisco's clerk's office didn't need to hear from the mayor to say what's your plan. they offered a plan and said here is our strategy. here is what we can do. we can add all of these computers here and there. we can connect our databases, we can expand our capacity by x. we can open up early and stay late and stay open on the weekends. it's unbelievable. we can coordinate all of the training for our volunteers and them in as deputy marriage commissioners and make sure it's signed and certified. that's an example and a model for others. this is -- what happens is when people prove that things can be done, it just raises the bar for what is possible for
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everyone else. >> it kind of went cooled plan and this is what we planned for. in some respects, people have kind of commented to me, oh, my god, you were a part of history and how many couples did we mary? how many families did we start? how many dreams did we make come true? the whole part of being part of history is something that we are here and we are charged with this responsibility to carry out. >> good evening, everybody. this is the entertainment
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commission from the city and county of san francisco, tuesday, december 14. we have just spent an hour in closed session. should we call will first, our vote on closed session? >> thank you.
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>> i think i have to actually call the roll for a this evening. [roll being called] >> public comment. item number one. members of the public may address the commission on all items of interest that are within the public matter jurisdiction of the commission. is there anyone that would like to participate in public comment? seeing 9, we will move to item
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number two. to move and approve the minutes of september 28th and october 26th and november 23rd. do we have a motion on the minutes? >> moved and seconded. >> i would like to do same house and same call.
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>> the minutes from those three meetings are past. next item, the report of the acting director. >> i hope that you like item number three. this is a legislative and policy of state. this has been attached to your memo in its latest and greatest forms which i believe that it will remain.
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it went to the board of supervisors for its second reading. it was passed today and the mayor has up to 30 days some along. this version will be what we are implementing if you are so inclined to take it with you, it starts to implement it. in addition, i have attached to new legislation that you should be aware of. the first is replacing the criminal penalties with administrating -- administrative penalties. i gave you the -- which gives you the number.
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this is a support document given by the public works department. the paper flare said end up on the streets are difficult for the tea department. this is related to the entertainment commission and this is a way to promote parties and events. these are used to promote shows and cafes.
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this has a ways to go going into committee. to require notice for other entertainment uses have been avenues such as the special use district. to change the requirements from a conditional use requirement to a neighborhood notification, this is somewhat easier to fulfil.
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it is easier to get involved in the process. i am sure that you have any comment. it will take time to achieve an end of the entertainment use. >> if you're giving the planning commission the discretion to decide whether something is necessary or desirable, these are pretty loose terms. you can only affect the project if you can prove that there are exceptional -- which requires some mitigation. >> this is attached with the
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final number as well. i want to update you on that we scheduled to work retreat and i will look out for a location in san francisco we are required to do 15 day notice as we will be outside of city hall. i think that that is the last days for -- if anyone has any suggestions for the location, i have some fires but it would be great if we could do this as
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quickly as possible so they would have time to plant if they would like to be present in addition, it is possible to consider what you might put on the agenda. i don't plan this to be lunker than four hours because staff -- and we don't have a budget for anything else.
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these things are attached to my memo. staff issued a letter of warning for the -- located on van ness. i will ask you to wait until we get to that agenda item. this occurred on november 13th and 14th. the police department has been on site since the issue. there has been no sites sent his
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staff. on december 9th, but staff issued a limited suspension. they have an extended hours permit. this will be extended from december 16th and 23rd of 5:30 p.m.. this is based on a pattern of incidents reported by the police department. i have attached a lot of information for your reference.
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the staff met with club operators on december 3rd in the office to discuss the report. but like a license this scheduled to be transferred out of the other. that should give you a whole picture about that location. ñiçó>> will happen on the fourt? >> let's go back and look.
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this was not incited the bania. >> -- you might want to contact -- and they have tons of office space over there. let me know if you need help.
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>> you should have my report. -- as directed by this commission and we have had no new instances recently.
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the few times to have been open, these have been very small and not very well attended. we have had no new instances. i was able to go to sacramento. i was able to talk to mr. zimmermann. i was able to talk to him about one of the claims i am hearing. we are doing hospitality security. the current standards is good. i was able to bring that issue
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up. also, i was able to me -- meet with the investigator in setup dates and times for -- we can do permit checks, security checks. they have the resources and the ability to do that. that is exciting we are attending a meeting at the comptroller's office. what was determined is that the staff in that we will be
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tracking all citations written. originally, we're going to the comptroller's office. an update on the trigger, i attended the planning commission hearing. the commission gave and rolling that they will have to close at their patio. there are sound problems in the area. they will have to close that particular area. they're6&y using a space that ty had in the back.
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there smoking area -- >> what does the department have to say about this? the old smoking section is closed. we have made a lot of contact and i'm still in contact with them.
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the managers and the dippy directors reported 8 suspension. i still able to organize a meeting -- which is a small alley and wine the end of the street, it is 1 condo. there has been complaints about their streets being closed off. we had a good dialogue.
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the plans are different. we have some different ways to organize the crowd. we tried one option this weekend and it did not go as well as we had hoped. it is great, everyone is sending e-mail and we can know if the staff will facilitate that kind of open dialogue. we're looking into the complaints. we have been by a few times. we will try to wrap this up and dow.
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the following venues' receive notices of violation. denny incident with a star is not a venue that we did not permit. -- any incident with a stark.
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i can go over if you wish. >> we will open it up to commissioner questions. >> how are you tracking those applications? >> we created a database that we had and any citation was to be put into. we have expanded that to track but other -- coming in and so forth. we already had that established. >> what is your recourse if they go the limit? >> if they got one more per week, instead it actually says that we can actually surf. once we can go 30 days, i
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believe this is 5%. >> there is a panel assessment and this is on the permit. >> an addition, hope of -- we're not a collection agency. while they may take a portion of what is perceived, this is not that large. subtracting will not be a problem just yet but obviously if we are successful in the coming budget year or any time soon in achieving more
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reinforcements staff,, that is how we plan to do that. >> have you spoken to anyone in the comptroller's office about the revenue neutral status? >> i don't think that we have had that conversation. >> great. >> under the incident list, is ruby sky when they report -- one day apart? cantilever it was going on? >> this was a battery of icky chairman have been a hot dog and one have been a -- at another hot dog and it had very little to do with the club.
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both had been there and then exited the club at that time. >> can you tell me the difference in severity between when you issue a notice of violation and when you see a citation? >> if we come across a thing you that has some kind of ongoing issue, we really look at the notice of violation as a written first time -- maybe you have to close the front door, your not controlling
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the sound, the police will then issue them a written notice of violation which goes on record that you have been formally warned that you need to take care of the problem. the problems that then persist will then go to a written citation. the only time that we skip one or the other is that we don't go to the regional violation is that if the issue is severe enough war to warrant an immediate citation. we have seen violence happen right before our. it is. we can address this. >> thank you. >> appeal of the director's order --
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is there any public comment on the report? item number four, off the appeal of the director's order revising this security plan for places entertainment permit 113590. >> this item was here based on an appeal of the director's order that was issued november 2nd revising the security plan and placing a condition on a venue called gravity. the operators have withdrawn their appeal as of this morning. so, i have


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